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Are you sure you want to start over? All current progress will be lost.

This is perhaps one of the best tools offered by Action Gator. It is an online diagnostic check for a problem you may be experiencing with your vehicle. It takes you step by step through a series of questions which will intuitively guide you to what the potential problem is.

Whenever you experience car problems, invariably your stress levels begin to rise and your mind is overflowing with questions. What's wrong with my car? How much is it going to cost? How long will I have to leave it at the mechanic? Action Gator gives you some peace of mind with their online diagnostic check.

It begins with the make, model, year, and type of vehicle that is experiencing the problems. From there, you choose if it is a problem you can hear, see, feel, or touch. Then it gives you a list of potential issues that it could be, complete with a button you can click for an estimate! Now that is gold standard service!

Once you discover the repair needed, you can also select the button “make an appointment” right from the diagnostic page. Action Gator has taken all the guesswork out and made it simple for you to find what is wrong with your vehicle. We are a service center where it is easy to book an appointment, where you and your vehicle will be treated with deference, where your auto will be serviced with top-of-the-line name brand parts, and most importantly, where it is done with a smile.

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