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Action Gator Tire provides Nitrogen Inflation services to Orlando, FL, Kissimmee, FL, Apopka, FL, and other surrounding areas.

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Description of Nitrogen Inflation

Nitrogen is a beneficial alternative to air in tires. A dry, inert, slow acting gas, nitrogen is used in the tires of various vehicles in many different industries and organizations. Military vehicles, racing vehicles, heavy equipment vehicles, space shuttles, and airplanes all use nitrogen-filled tires. There are different reasons for choosing nitrogen over air. Unlike air-filled tires, nitrogen-filled tires are able to sustain tire pressure better and for longer periods of time. This is because nitrogen has slightly larger molecules than the oxygen molecules in air, so it is harder for nitrogen to permeate through the rubber of a tire. In addition, nitrogen tires are safer than air tires in extreme heat temperatures. This is because nitrogen is non-flammable, which is an especially important factor for drivers who travel in extremely hot conditions. Overall, nitrogen-filled tires run cooler, increase tread life and fuel mileage, and prevent uneven tread wear.

Benefits of Nitrogen Inflation

Over time, tires lose pressure, which will negatively impact your vehicle’s performance. Because nitrogen tires retain pressure for a longer period of time than their air-filled counterparts, nitrogen tires can help your vehicle perform at its best for longer. Better tire pressure can also positively impact your gas mileage, and the potential to reduce your carbon footprint. Another benefit of nitrogen inflation is that nitrogen-filled tires perform well in both hot and cold temperatures. This is because nitrogen is more stable than oxygen, and it does not expand or contract under hot and cold temperatures like oxygen. Likewise, nitrogen-filled tires experience less stress than air-filled tires. Nitrogen tires have the capacity to reduce tire failure by up to 50 percent. Because nitrogen is a dry gas, the absence of moisture inside the tire can also prevent rubber deterioration. The lack of oxidation will also keep the steel components inside tires, aluminum wheels, and steel wheels from corroding. Besides improving handling, braking, and steering performance, the benefits of nitrogen-filled tires are endless.

Action Gator Tire proudly serves the Nitrogen Inflation needs of customers in Orlando, FL, Kissimmee, FL, Apopka, FL, and surrounding areas.

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Nitrogen Tire Inflation

You should always have your tires checked regularly for proper tire pressure. Rubber expands when heated, which allows tiny air molecules...

Approx. Time: 30 Minutes

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