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Kumho Tires

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Since 1960, Kumho Tires has been providing drivers worldwide with a variety of high-performance, technologically advanced merchandise. What began as Samyang Tires, a small Korean company, has now grown into the planet’s ninth-largest tire manufacturer.

Much of this success is due to Kumho Tires’ reputation for drivers’ safety and satisfaction. Among the company’s manufacturing technologies are:

  • The patented ESCOT casing, which improves vehicles’ steering response, braking, and handling.
  • Select Kumho Tires feature the unique XRP technology, which reinforces sidewalls to minimize tire deformation and structural tension due to lost air pressure, enabling driving with punctures.
  • The company’s F3 technology marked another achievement for Kumho. Tires utilizing the Kumho F3 process provide high-performance, cost-effective aerodynamic racing technology.

Kumho’s line of products has grown from simply offering passenger car tires. The company provides all sizes of tires, for virtually every car, truck, and SUV. This includes all types of terrain, whether smooth highways, rocky hills or muddy fields, so you can get the job done, quickly and confidently. The Kumho Tires family now includes such diverse products as snow tires, and those for racing and aviation.

But, even as they burn up the road, Kumho Tires takes pride in minimizing their carbon footprint. Their product line utilizes environmentally friendly materials in the manufacturing process. Among these developments are: synthetic-free, natural rubber, offering higher elasticity and lower CO2 emissions; highly dispersible silica (HDS), a safe mineral compound used in tire treads to reduce rolling resistance and improve traction on wet surfaces, without sacrificing wear; and polycyclic aromatics hydrocarbons (PAH) free oil, a natural resource-based oil.

In Korean, “kumho” means “bright lake,” and your vehicle’s driving future is shining bright, with Kumho Tires. The company is in good standing, named the NBA’s official tire in 2014.

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