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Offering more than 30 passenger car and light truck products, Nexen Tires has certainly lived up to its company slogan, “Next Century Tire.” In fact, the name “Nexen” is a combination of “next” and “century.” Indeed, since being founded in 1942 as the first Korean tire company, Nexen Tires today sells a full array of products to 120 countries. 2005 saw the establishment of Nexen Tire America, further extending the company’s reach globally.

What makes Nexen Tires such a valuable, driver-friendly brand? First, the company rewards its customers with a truly effective warranty, one considered to be among the industry’s best. The Nexen Tires warranty protects customers’ purchased products, while also defending against any hazards or problems that may develop. Above all else, it ensures that you’ll enjoy a happy, safe, and comfortable drive.

This promise extends to the performance of Nexen Tires for your vehicle. Nexen is one of only a few manufacturers permitted to provide original equipment (OE) parts. Due in no small part to Nexen’s dedication to quality and performance testing, the company is trusted and preferred by auto-making experts. This also ensures repeat business of loyal Nexen Tires customers.

Indeed, Nexen Tires’ automated manufacturing equipment is considered to be among the industry’s best. This is reflected by the fact that in its 70-plus year history, the company has never recalled a product. Their cutting-edge equipment promotes safe, high-quality, eco-friendly products. Among their technological advancements are Korea’s first V-shaped directional tires and patented nanotechnology.

The award-winning Green Hive concept tire may be one of their biggest achievements. This design continually replenishes the tire’s tread, allowing it to use a new tread block three to five times; this may extend the tire’s life span about 300 percent, compared to traditional tires. In fact, the Green Hive tire, along with other successful product launches, enabled Nexen Tires to win four of the world’s top design awards.

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