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Nitto Tires

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The slogan for Nitto Tires is “Fueled by enthusiasts,” and the company has certainly lived up to this promise. Founded in 1949, Nitto Tires, which are available nationwide, are designed for every type of car and truck on the road (and off), including: passenger cars, trucks and SUVs, and even race cars. Among the products showcasing Nitto’s performance features are: a full lineup of ultra-high performance (UHP), light truck and SUV, mud and all-terrain, touring and competition tires.

What truly sets this Japanese manufacturer apart from other tire companies is the forecasting that Nitto employs. This allows them to anticipate emerging trends before they hit the mainstream. First and foremost, Nitto Tires utilizes unique, computer-modeled tread patterning in its products. To better stand apart from its competitors, this tread patterning has two purposes: 1.) it improves traction on dry and wet roads, and 2.) it extends tread life. Beyond consumer feedback, in a 2009 poll the tread patterning for Nitto Tires’ Invos brand was shown to perform better than the patterning of competing products; specifically, the tires were found to be visually impressive and quiet on the road.

Overall, Nitto Tires’ tread patterning, along with their tires’ sizing and compounds, showcase the company’s key formula for its products, including: state-of-the-art technology and modern, eye-catching aesthetics. Before its products ever hit the market, the company ensures quality engineering and rigorous testing. Technologically speaking, Nitto engineers employ a host of computer-modeled designs and programs for their tires’ design, manufacturing, and quality control. Among the benefits offered for drivers are:

  • Reductions in road noise.
  • Enhanced dynamic contact points while driving.
  • Identification of undesirable tire responses for multiple driving conditions.
  • Higher-quality tires – Due to Nitto Tires research in polymer tread compounds, engineers and manufacturers can provide extended tread life, improve traction, and boost driver satisfaction.

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