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Omni Tires

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Founded in 2003, Omni Tires is an international tire manufacturer and distributor based in Singapore. Annually, they sell more than 6.5 million tires in 80 countries, including more than 2 million in the U.S. alone. Among these are passenger, SUV, light truck, winter, and commercial tires. Omni Tires is the owner of two tire companies: Corsa and Radar. It also designs, produces, markets, sells, and distributes products under such brand names as:

  • Radar Tires – Started in 2006, this Omni Tires brand includes options for: passenger cars, SUVs, trailers, farm/agriculture vehicles, off-the-road (OTR), winter, and commercial tires. In 2013, through its Radar brand, Omni Tires began participating in motorsports.
  • Timberland Tires – Since 2014, through a partnership with the Timberland apparel and footwear company, this Omni Tires brand repurposes recycled shoe soles in the tires’ manufacturing. These higher-end products’ benefits include: 50,000-80,000 mile warranties, superior performance, and safety and environmental sustainability.
  • Patriot Tires – In 2006, Omni Tires’ Patriot passenger tires debuted, offering year-round stability, comfort, and style at lower prices. Among their unique features are: an asymmetrical tread pattern for better performance; lightweight construction for reduced rolling resistance; and wide, circumferential grooves for increased resistance to hydroplaning.
  • Birla Tyres – Established in 1991, Birla partners with the Pirelli tire manufacturer to produce high-quality products considered among the world’s best. Distributed to more than 3,500 dealers, they include: commercial and light commercial, tractors, construction, and 2- and 3-wheelers.
  • Roadlux Tires – Omni Tires’ Roadlux brand is made in China’s first all-steel truck radial tire production facility, in partnership with Dunlop UK. These tires’ manufacturing process stresses performance and pattern design, whether for on- or off-road capabilities, such as improved traction, stability, and durability.
  • Corsa Tires – Founded in 1994, Corsa utilizes the latest technology and production methods. As such, these tires deliver fuel conservation, improved driving precision, and durability.

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