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Pirelli Tires

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Long known and beloved for its appeal in the racing world, Pirelli Tires, the world’s fifth-largest tire manufacturer, is the favored manufacturer for the sport. In fact, since 2011, Pirelli has been the official Formula One Championship tire. As the company slogan states, “Power is nothing without control,” and, with their products being sold in more than 160 countries, Pirelli Tires is certainly in control of the industry.

Pirelli Tires was founded in 1872 in Milan, Italy, and, in that time, the company has made significant innovations for the tire industry. In 1974, Pirelli Tires introduced the “wide radial type” tire, designed with the strength and endurance needed for the Lancia Stratos racecar; these tires were made to be wider and less slick than the then-typical racecar tires.

In total, Pirelli Tires enjoys partnerships with 100 international original equipment supply companies. In addition, they’ve developed 1,200 homologated tires, which are approved and developed to ensure high performance and safety. These tires are designed to better respond to every vehicle’s specific electronic control system, for up to three years. As a result, Pirelli manufacturers and engineers can fine-tune their specifications, reducing or improving specific vehicles, such as reducing noise or vibrations, or boosting stability.

By 2017, Pirelli Tires has planned to develop 14 new product lines of tires. Six of these will focus on wintertime driving, while others will spotlight certain geographical markets, with the introduction of niche products, like Runflat, Seal Inside, and Noise Reduction models.

In terms of their product line, Pirelli places a great importance on ecological concerns, with their “Green Sourcing Policy,” which utilizes eco-friendly materials, products, and services. The company’s “Performance” line delivers a better driving experience, incorporating improved safety measures and high-quality materials. Pirelli Tires also carries a full line of “Formula 1” racing products.

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