5 Useful Tire Care Tips Every Driver Should Know

There are certain aspects of car maintenance that every driver should know, the care and upkeep of your tires being one of them. Your vehicle’s tires are hugely important for the proper function, steering, and driving of your car. Just a small bubble or an under-inflated tire can wreak havoc on your vehicle. Not to mention, it poses a safety threat to you and all your passengers.

Don’t put yourself – and anyone else in your car – in harm’s way. Safety is always number one. With these helpful tidbits, you will be able to keep your car’s tires functioning at maximum efficiency. This means you will enjoy peak performance and safety. What more could a driver want from their vehicle?

So, for tires that are always safe, be sure to follow the top five tire care tips below.

Make sure your tires are properly inflated.

Just because your tires aren’t flat, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are properly inflated. In fact, a low tire pressure is an enormous safety hazard. Underinflated tires lead to traction loss, which is already dangerous enough. Not to mention, low tire pressure even leads to fuel efficiency.

So, not only do you spend more time at the pump, but you are putting yourself in danger, as underinflated tires make already tricky situations – such as driving on icy or wet roads – even harder to drive on.

On the other hand, overinflated tires are just as dangerous. When your tire is too full of air, it can lead to a blowout. No driver wants to experience that. So, be sure you check your vehicle’s manual for the correct tire pressure for your vehicle. Make sure to regularly give your tires a once over, especially before a road trip and at the changes of the seasons.

Don’t skip tire alignment and rotation.

While this is a service that most places offer with your regular oil change, many people for some reason skip it. However, regular tire rotation and balance, along with wheel alignment, will increase your tire’s life.

A good rule of thumb is to go for a rotation (both front and rear tires) every six months or about 6,000 to 8,000 miles. When you go for a rotation, ask to have them balanced, too. That way, there is no uneven wear, and you experience a better ride quality.

Regularly inspect tire tread.

Traction is an element of tire care that you cannot skip. The tread on your tires ensures maximum performance and safety. Be sure to test the tread. A good test is the penny test. Put a penny into the tire tread with Lincoln’s head down. If the top of his head is visible, your tread is worn and you need new tires. Inspect the sidewalls for any bubbles, bumps, or bulges. Also, don’t forget to free any debris from the grooves in your tires.

Follow summertime tire tips.

Since we’re in the midst of the hot season, it’s helpful to know the season-specific tips that will ensure you drive safely all summer long. Florida is no stranger to summer thunderstorms. If you live in an area that experiences these regular downpours, be sure to slow down while you drive on wet roads. This will increase your tire’s footprint.

Also, if you plan to hit the road for a summer vacation, pack lightly. While it is tempting to load up your car with as much stuff as possible, overloading a vehicle adds stress to your tires. This can lead to tire failure, so be sure to check your vehicle’s loading specifications.

Always keep an eye on your tires.

Above all else, be sure to keep your eyes and ears open. Be sure to inspect your tires for low pressure, bubbles, and worn down tread. Also, while driving, if you hear a strange sound or feel a pull from one of your tires, that’s a sign you should take it to a reliable auto repair and tire shop for inspection. When you’re aware of any small changes, you will be able to correct them before it becomes an expensive repair or dangerous threat.

Action Gator Tire is here to help you with all your tire questions and concerns. From regular maintain and replacement, to inspections, we offer a wide range of assistance to ensure that your tires are performing at the level they should be. So, whether you are interested in tire or other automotive repairs, stop by one of our convenient 26 locations today!