Gator Gives Winners Announced!

Gator Gives Winners Announced!

Action Gator Tire is proud to announce the winners of the Gator Gives program, a community initiative to help those that need a helping hand in Central Florida.

After receiving hundreds of stories of local residents that go above and beyond for the community without asking for anything in return, Action Gator Tire presented the Gator Gives award to two winners and Lakeland residents Antonio S. and Laurie S. will both receive the honor.

Community Outreach Reveals Heartwarming Stories

The family-run business gives out free tires and a year of auto maintenance up to a value of $2,500 to a local person that the local community believes deserves a helping hand. Community outreach is an increasingly important part of the company philosophy and the entries flooded in and after this year. The company simply couldn’t pick one winner from these two deserving cases.

“We are so happy with the way the community has responded to the Gator Gives program,” said Action Gator Tire COO Freddy Christensen. “As a company, we owe everything to Lakeland and Central Florida, so we’re really happy to give something back. The response has blown us away and we’re absolutely honored to be part of this community and surrounded by so many giving, caring people.”

Meet the Gator Gives Winners

Antonio is a working father of three and regularly shuttles his sick child across Central Florida for doctors and hospital appointments. He does it all without a word of complaint, but the miles are racking up on his vehicle and the free tires and maintenance are a load off his mind.

Laurie is disabled, but doesn’t let that stop her from feeding the homeless through her church. Living on a fixed income, Laurie had trouble affording much-needed repairs to her vehicle. Now, with the Gator Gives program keeping her on the road, she can go back to helping others in the community.

“Both Antonio and Laurie absolutely embody the Gator Gives spirit and we’re really happy to give them something back after all they have done for other people,” said Christensen. “Both of them have their own hardships to deal with, but they will always put others before themselves. These are the kind of people that build communities and it’s these people we’re so happy to recognize with the Gator Gives program.”

Action Gator Tire has become an integral part of the local community in Central Florida. The business was founded in 1964 in Orlando. The family-owned organization has now expanded to 30 locations. That puts the business in touch with the local communities and the Gator Gives initiative is an amazing way to give something back to the people that need it the most.

Nominations Open For The Next Award…

Do you know someone that just keeps giving? Do you know someone that needs a helping hand? Do you know someone that simply can’t afford to maintain their car or someone who deserves it for the best reason? Then keep an eye on Gator Gives for the next opportunity to submit a nomination.