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BFGoodrich Tires

BFGoodrich TiresBFGoodrich is an American tire brand that has been owned by Michelin since 1990. It was founded in 1870 by Benjamin Goodrich. The company was the first American manufacturer to make radial tires. Today, BFGoodrich continues to be associated with quality tires. It’s been a trusted name in the world of automotive tires for more than 150 years. In that time, BFGoodrich has become well-known throughout the world of motorsports. Whether it’s on the track or in the mud, BFGoodrich has the right tire for every test. Talk to the experts at Action Gator Tire to let us find the right set for you.

Product Lines

There’s a BFGoodrich tire for just about every condition and terrain that you can think of. BFGoodrich offers tires that are ideal for all seasons. Need a tire for everyday driving, racetrack performance, or off-road reliability? BFGoodrich is the name you trust. Look at some of the BFGoodrich tires available from Action Gator Tire today.

Passenger Vehicles

Passenger VehiclesThe United States has more passenger vehicles than any other country, except for China. BFGoodrich is proud to offer a diverse range of products catering to sedans, coupes, mini-vans, cross-over vehicles, and more. From summer performance to extra winter grip to rugged off-road offerings, Action Gator Tire has the perfect BFGoodrich tires for you. Talk to our team of experts to find the tire that’s right for you.

Trucks & SUVs

Trucks and sport-utility vehicles continue to be popular in the United States. Their convenience, space, and power make them ideal for families and businesses. BFGoodrich offers many terrific tires for both light trucks and SUVs. From seasonal highway tires to off-roading, BFGoodrich has what you need. Get in touch with Action Gator Tire to see what we can find for your truck.

Year-Round Tires

Want to be prepared for all possible conditions? Then you want all-season tires. All-season tires give drivers the best of both worlds. With dependable performance in spring and summer, you can rely on these tires all year long. They are ideal for people living in temperate climates and are a cost-effective tire solution.

  • Advantage T/A

    Need a tire to provide performance on the open road? Then you’d be hard pressed to do better than the Advantage T/A. This tire uses BF Goodrich’s Equal Tension Containment System (ETEC) for improved strength and smooth riding.

  • Radial T/A

    The Radial T/A is an all-season tire perfect for cars of all kinds. This tire is designed for hot rods, kit cars, and light trucks. This wide tire with its stunning white letters is sure to make a statement for your car.

  • Long Trail T/A Tour

    BFGoodrich’s Long Trail T/A Tour is the perfect all-season tire for your light truck or SUV. This tire is built to give drivers long tread life with improved precision in all kinds of conditions.

Summer Tires

Roads can be quickly become slippery in the summer rains. Hot asphalt and pooling water lead to increasingly dangerous driving conditions. That’s why you need a softer tire designed to grip the road and keep you on-track. See for yourself how the BFGoodrich Tires can give you a better summer driving experience.

  • g-Force Rival

    The g-Force Rival from BFGoodrich is your choice when it comes to extreme performance for a summer tire. They’re great for the the highway or the track. The g-Force has the grip and precision you need to get the most from your vehicle.

  • g-Force Sport Comp 2

    When you need the best in summer performance, you want the g-Force Sport Comp 2. Looking for sharp corners and faster accelerations? The g-Force Sport Comp 2 is the perfect choice.

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