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Cooper Tires

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Founded in 1914 in Akron, Ohio by John F Schaefer and Claude E Hart, Cooper Tires has grown into a worldwide leader in the tire industry. Through a variety of subsidiaries, Cooper tires can be found on everything from motorcycles to trucks. With over a century of experience, Cooper products combine value with quality.

Available Products

You can find a variety of Cooper tires engineered for most vehicles at Action Gator Tire. For price-cautious customers who still value a quality ride and great traction, there is a product that suits your needs. Browse all-season, high performance, and all-terrain tires for your vehicle. Talk to the experts at Action Gator Tire about which Cooper tire is best for you.

Cars, Sedans, and Minivans

Keeping your family safe and comfortable is important. You’ll appreciate the grip and low noise generated by these tires over long family road trips. These tires are suitable for cars, sedans, crossovers, and minivans. There’s even something for vintage car owners.

SUVs and Crossover Vehicles

Looking for tires that have great off-road traction, but aren’t too rough on the road? Maybe long, comfortable rides in your family vehicle are more your style. In either case, there are different models you can choose from, no matter your needs.

Pickups and Light Trucks

Long lasting, durable tires for medium and large pickups, light trucks, and SUVs. Cooper Tires has designed a variety of tires specifically for commercial vehicles.

All-Season Tires

Drivers prefer all-season tires to seasonal tires. These tires perform well and offer excellent grip in a variety of road conditions. All-season tires are deal for all vehicles from cool winters to hot summers.

  • Adventurer H/T

    The Adventurer H/T line of tires offer a variety of traction and ride options for trucks, SUVs, and crossovers. These tires provide a smooth, quiet ride with good all-season traction.

  • Cobra Radial G/T

    These retro-style all-season tires are designed to match the look of a classic car. The Cobra Radial G/T tires are ideal for vintage and classic cars from the good old days.

  • Zeon RS3

    For drivers looking for the performance edge in their car, SUV, or minivan, this is the tire for you. RS3 tires provide excellent, high-performance dynamics, even when the weather isn’t co-operating. Enjoy the best your vehicle has to offer all year round.

  • Discoverer HT

    Designed for truck and commercial owners looking for a durable, long lasting tire optimized for highway driving.

Off-Road Tires

Designed to grip the mud, snow, or whatever you throw at them, these rough tires provide durable, reliable off-road performance without sacrificing reasonable on-road performance.

  • Adventurer A/T

    Adventurer A/T tires are an aggressive, off-road tire for enthusiasts. Owners don’t have to sacrifice good road manners.

  • Zeon LTZ

    The LTZ gives off-road fans a sporty looking tire that doesn’t mind getting dirty. Tires are designed for improved soft surface traction, while additional sidewall rubber helps protect sporty rims from damage.

  • Discoverer Series

    For the true adventurer, these tires are designed to master all rough terrain. Aggressive tread patterns grip soft services, while durable rubber provides great performance on and off the road. These tires bring out the Discoverer in their owners.

High-Performance Tires

These tires are engineered to grip and perform during the warmest months of the year. High-speed ratings and performance make these tires ideal for sport SUVs and sedans. They sacrifice wet and cold traction for excellent dynamic performance.

  • Zeon RS3-S

    This high-performance rated tire designed for sports cars, sedans, and SUVs. The Zeon RS3-S boasts tremendous road grip under extreme handling and speed.

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