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Firestone Tires

Firestone Tires
Firestone has been a dependable name in tires since the start of the 20th century. The company was founded in Akron, Ohio in 1900 by Harvey Firestone. In the time since, they’ve become one of the premier names in the industry. Firestone has actually been owned by Bridgestone since 1988. They’re still providing customers with the best in quality tires today. See experts at Action Gator Tire to learn more about our Firestone tires.

Available Products

Action Gator Tire features a full line of quality tires from Firestone. Regardless of the car, or the season, we’re confident that we have the right tire for you. Choose from performance, touring, all-season, summer, and much more. Find out how we can help you find the perfect Firestone tires for your vehicle.

Passenger Vehicles

Passenger vehicles cover everything from sedans to sports cars. That means there are specific things you want from your tires. You probably value features like handling, low noise, and comfort over the ability to go off-road. Firestone offers an impressive selection of premium passenger vehicle tires.

Sport Utility Vehicles & Light Trucks

Sport Utility Vehicles & Light Trucks

You might have different things you want out of your truck or SUV. Utility vehicles are used for heavy lifting. That means you probably want a long-lasting tire with the kind of tread your vehicle can take on the highway or off the beaten path. You can find the right tire from Firestone when you talk to the experts at Action Gator Tire.

All-Season Tire

Like the name suggests, all-season tires are made to perform well in any kind of weather, at any time of year. These tires are ideal for temperate areas with warm summers and cooler winters. They’re also frequently able to perform well in light snow.

  • All Season

    This all-season tire from Firestone gives you the luxurious and noiseless ride your car deserves. The Affinity from Firestone is built for durability and is sure to hold up for a long time to come.

  • Champion Fuel Fighter

    Enjoy the smooth ride of a touring tire with added fuel efficiency when you go with the Champion Fuel Fighter. When you need year-round performance for your sedan or crossover vehicle this tire is your top choice.

Summer Tires

When it comes to getting the most out of your car during the hot months, you’re going to want a set of summer tires. These products are built for you to get safe and reliable performance from your car in dry and wet warm-weather conditions. See about getting the right Firestone summer tire for your vehicle from the helpful pros at Action Gator Tire.

  • Firehawk Indy 500

    If you have a sedan or sports car then you want to experience it at its best. That’s when you need an ultra high performance tire. The Firehawk Indy 500 from Firestone uses racing design to improve the experience of driving enthusiasts.

Off-Road Tires

Planning on getting your car off the highway? Then you’ll need the right tires for it. These tires have aggressive tread designs and improved durability. Make sure you can handle whatever mother nature throws at you. Get in touch with Action Gator Tire today to have us find the right off-road tire for you.

  • Destination A/T

    When you need a dependable off-road tire for your truck, Jeep, or SUV, look no further than the Destination A/T. This Firestone tire comes in a variety of styles, so it will look great all year round. See how the Destination’s all-terrain tread combines off-road performance with highway comfort.

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