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Fuzion Tires

Fuzion tires are a quality line of affordable tires, with lines for touring and commuter cars, SUVs, and sports cars. Fuzion is a division of Bridgestone, created as an excellent, budget-friendly tire option for all types of vehicles. At Action Gator Tire, we’re proud to carry all major lines of Fuzion tires for sale. These include the Fuzion Touring line, the Fuzion SUV line, and the Fuzion UHP Sport line. Find incredible pricing and expert installation on Fuzion tires at Action Gator Tire store locations across Florida.

Product Lines

Action Gator Tire is proud to carry major product lines from Fuzion. These tires are well-known for value, quality, and an excellent warranty of up to 55,000 miles for some models. As with all of our tires, we’re pleased to provide quality Fuzion tire installation services for almost any vehicle. Keep reading below for more information about the Fuzion tires we offer for sale. Do you have questions or need help choosing the perfect Fuzion tire for your vehicle? Just contact or visit your nearest Action Gator location for friendly, expert assistance.

Passenger Cars

Fuzion Touring tires are well-known to deliver a quiet ride with reliable all-season traction. They’re an excellent choice for value and comfort in many types of passenger cars and crossovers. Whether it’s for your family or just for you, you’ll appreciate the smoothness of passenger vehicle tires from Fuzion. Plus, with their reliable warranty, it’s more than a great ride, it’s also a smart purchase.


Fuzion SUV tires are designed to handle the rigors of these large, heavy sport-utility vehicles. They deliver all-season capability both on and off the road. This makes Fuzion SUV tires the perfect choice for value plus durability in SUV tires. Learn more about finding the perfect Fuzion tires for your SUV when you speak to the experts at Action Gator Tire.

All-Season Tires

When you need a tire that can last you all year long, there’s no beating an all-season tire from Fuzion. These tires are designed to give drivers optimal driveability regardless of the conditions. Whether it’s spring or winter, rain or shine, Fuzion all-season tires have your car covered. Get more details about finding the right Fuzion tire for your vehicle.

  • Fuzion Touring (T-Speed Rated)

    Fuzion Touring tires are backed by a superb 55,000-mile limited warranty. That makes them a dependable choice that won’t break the bank. With Fuzion Touring tires you can enjoy the same incredible ride 365 days a year. These affordable touring tires give you a combination of a practically silent ride along with exceptional treadwear and all-season traction. Be sure to call or visit your local Action Gator Tire store to learn more about which Fuzion Touring tire is right for your car.

  • Highway All-Season SUV

    The Highway All-Season SUV tire from Fuzion gives drivers the best of all worlds. Enjoy the smooth ride of a passenger tire with the tough look of a light truck tire with this offering. The compounded rubber delivers enhanced traction in all conditions and all season, whether it’s wet, dry, or even snowy. Twin steel belt construction offers improved durability for an affordable tire that will last a long time. They’re also backed by a 50,000-mile limited treadwear warranty, so you’re covered.

High-Performance Tires

Drivers of high-performance vehicles need high-performance tires to get everything they want out of their cars. With improved handling and optimized tread that can grip corners and sharp turns, these tires are here for drivers looking to turn it up a notch. Find more details about the affordable high-performance tires available from Fuzion and the pros at Action Gator Tire.

  • UHP Sport A/S Tires

    Fuzion UHP Sport A/S tires are an ideal choice when you need ultra-high-performance sport capability. They also offer all-season traction along with responsive handling. That makes Fuzion UHP Sport tires the perfect value choice for a sporty car you want to have some fun driving. Plus, they’re covered by a 40,000-mile limited warranty. That way you can carve up the corners with total confidence.

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