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General Tire

General Tire and Rubber Company was founded by William O’Neil over 100 years ago. The company believed that it could be a big player in the tire industry by producing a quality product. Over the decades, General Tire became a leader in tire manufacturing and innovation. In 1987, General Tire was purchased by Continental Tire. Today, quality manufacturing and tread innovation have helped General Tire become one of the leading global brands.

Product Lines

As a global leader in tire design, General Tire provides excellent choices for all-season tires for passenger cars, pickups, SUVs, and minivans. Customers looking for long-lasting tread, excellent all-weather traction, and a quiet, smooth ride will find all-season General Tires among the best. Performance enthusiasts can choose from a selection of racing-inspired high-performance tires, featuring some of the leading innovations in tread design and traction. General Tire uses competition off-road racing to develop its all-terrain tires, ensuring top performance on and off the trail. The experts at Action Gator Tire can help you find the right General Tire for your driving needs.

Passenger Cars and Minivans

Designed for a touring rated tire, or as OEM equipment, passenger tires bring the best balance of handling, traction, and economy. Advanced tread designs improve wear while lowering roll resistance, which helps improve miles per gallon. Performance vehicle drivers will find all-season and summer tires designed using technology developed at race tracks.

SUVs and Light Trucks

Large vehicle owners looking for a highway tire with low rolling resistance will find a General Tire to fit their needs. Using the same technology found in passenger cars, they improve the mileage and comfort of SUVs and light trucks. Off-road enthusiasts can take advantage of tire designs proven in all-terrain racing conditions.

All-Season Tires

General all-season tires offer terrific all-season traction, improved fuel efficiency, and a quiet, comfortable ride. These touring tires have performed among the best in wet and dry traction, with excellent snow traction. These tires are ideal for families and drivers looking for long-lasting, quiet tires for day-to-day driving.

  • Altimax RT43

    This all-season tire using advanced tread design and compounds to offer optimal traction in wet, dry, and snowy conditions. Treadwear reduction design increases the life of the tire and decreases road noise from uneven wear. This is an excellent touring tire for passenger cars, minivans, and SUV owners interested in road comfort.

  • All-Terrain

    These aggressive tread designs use designs engineered in the toughest of conditions to ensure off-roading enthusiasts can go anywhere. These tires are designed to perform in any loose or soft surface, like deep sand or mud.

  • Grabber

    Offering a variety of performance categories, drivers can enjoy an all-purpose tire with balanced on and off-road capability along with all-weather traction. Enthusiasts will choose Grabber tires that feature self-cleaning tread design, rugged engineering, and excellent off-road performance.

High-Performance Tires

One of the leading tire providers in modern racing is Continental Tire, and General Tire has helped many of those innovations. These tires bring the best tread technology to the road or track. With General Tires you can enjoy even wear, reduced road noise, and low rolling resistance to improve performance and handling.

  • G-Max

    The G-Max is a uniquely all-season high and ultra-high performance tire. Advanced tread and compound technologies provide track quality handling in wet and dry conditions. Treadwear is controlled to degrade evenly, reducing noise while maintaining solid road contact. Silica rubber technology ensures grip in less than ideal driving conditions, including light snow.

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