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Kelly Tires

Kelly Tires

Established in 1894, Kelly Tires is the oldest American tire brand. Goodyear acquired the company in 1935 but kept the Kelly Tires brand. Kelly Tires began selling its tires nationwide in 2010, meaning that every American can now buy high-quality tires at an affordable price.

Available Products

The mission of Kelly Tires is to offer “good deals on great tires”. Their range of products focuses on passenger vehicles, where demand for great quality and superior safety meets a desire for affordability for every climate in America. Action Gator Tire can help you choose the right tire for your needs.

Passenger Vehicles

Kelly Tires is well known for its affordable range of passenger vehicle tires. All-season and winter tires adapt to your local weather, no matter if its dry, wet, snowy, or icy.

SUVs and Off-Road Vehicles

Kelly Tires offers an affordable range of tires for off-road vehicles with its all-terrain lines. Drive safely in all kinds of terrain without breaking the bank.

Minivans and Light Trucks

Carry your family or your business safely across America’s roads with tires that can handle the work you need. Kelly Tires offers a wide range of tires for minivans and light trucks.

Performance Cars

For your performance car, only a performance tire will do. That’s why Kelly Tires has engineered tires especially for your performance needs.

All-Season Tires

All-season tires are perfect for those living in milder climates, or as spring-to-fall tires for the more Northern areas. No matter where you live, Kelly Tires’ all-season range will take you where you need to go, safely and affordably.

  • Kelly Edge A/S

    The Kelly Edge series of tires offers tires meant for everyday driving. These are an excellent choice for commuters and people who like to stick to paved roads.

All-Terrain Tires

Enjoy spending some time off the beaten path? You need all-terrain tires to handle gravel, grass, and other non-paved surfaces.

  • Kelly Edge A/T

    Kelly Tires’ most affordable all-terrain tire, the Edge A/T works just as well on- and off-road, making it the perfect choice for the weekend adventurer.

  • Kelly Safari TSR

    Meant for the serious off-roader, the Safari TSR offers a strong grip for off-road terrains and highways alike.

Sports Performance Tires

Find your Kelly Tires sports performance products at Action Gator Tire for an affordable tire that doesn’t compromise on driving performance.

  • Kelly Edge HP

    The Edge HP is Kelly Tires’ all-season performance tire, perfect for the central Florida roads. Don’t let the affordable price fool you. This is a high-quality, high-performance product that will bring the best out of your sports vehicle.

Winter tires

If you spend time outside of Florida during the winter months, you may need to use winter tires. Action Gator Tire has the winter tire you need if you drive in ice or snow.

  • Kelly Snowtrakker Radial ST/2

    Drive safely no matter what the weather throws at you with Kelly Tires’ Snowtrakker line. With treads specifically meant to enhance traction in ice and snow, you know you’ll keep excellent control over your vehicle in winter conditions.

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