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Kia Tires

Since 1976, Action Gator has been a family-owned tire source for central Florida. We have 21 locations spread from Dundee to Oxford, so you’re always near a trusted tire source. We’re passionate about helping our community, beyond maintaining an excellent selection of tires.

We have tire sizes for every Kia model, from the compact Forte to the funky Soul to the spacious Sorento.

Ready to check out our great selection? Simply enter your Kia’s model, year, and tire size. You can find the size on the sides of your current tires. Or, ask for help from one of our trusted experts.

For performance tires on your sleek Soul, check out Pirelli P Zero All Season. For your reliable Optima, try a General Tire G-MAX™ AS-05. Your kid-carrying Sorento might do well with Advanta SVT-01.

Why Is Action Gator the Best Place for Tires?

Here are some of our customers’ favorite things about us:

  • More than 50 years of experience
  • Free alignment checks and tire rotations
  • Excellent value
  • Amazing selection of tires
  • Trusted expert advice

Do I Need New Tires?

It can feel like a fine line between replacing tires sooner than necessary and waiting until your tires become dangerous. If you place an upside down penny between your tire’s treads, you shouldn’t be able to see Lincoln’s head. If you can, it’s time for new tires. Other indications that you need new tires are a tire that:

  • Is too damaged to repair
  • Is cracked enough to see cord or fabric
  • Has less than 1/16” of tread
  • Has a bulge or split
  • Has at least three visible tire wear indicators

Find Kia Tires

Are you ready to find the optimal tires for your Kia? Tell us your model and year, and we’ll show you our wide selection of Kia tire sizes.

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