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Michelin Tires

Michelin Tires
Michelin is one of the world’s largest and most respected tire brands. The French company has been providing tires for nearly 130 years. It was founded by brothers Edouard and Andre Michelin in 1889. More than 50 Michelin production plants can be found throughout the world. Today, Michelin is known as a leader in quality and innovation. These advances in tire technology are on display through its involvement in the world of auto-racing. The manufacturer consistently makes some of the best car and truck tires available. Learn more about the Michelin tires offered by Action Gator Tire.

Product Lines

Michelin offers a variety of tires for all kinds of vehicles and conditions. Michelin can help keep you on the road. This is whether you’re traveling across the country or need extra traction for specific kinds of weather. See the wide range of Michelin tires available from Action Gator Tire.

Passenger Vehicles

Passenger VehiclesMichelin provides some of the world’s finest tires for passenger vehicles. Need tires optimized for the summer heat? Maybe you live or visit a region with harsh winters and lots of snow. Regardless, you can find the strongest, and safest, tires for your car at Action Gator Tire. Of course, you can also find reliable, all-season tires. These keep your passenger vehicle rolling all year long. Look at the selection of Michelin products offered by the experts at Action Gator Tire.

SUVs and Light Trucks

A light truck is defined as any truck weighing less than 4,000 pounds. This covers most trucks available on the consumer market. SUVs are also technically classified as light truck. This is because they both share the same basic chassis, but are designed with different goals in mind. Michelin manufactures rugged, dependable tires for all kinds of light trucks and SUVs. Discover the right Michelin tire for your truck or SUV with the great selection at Action Gator Tire.

All-Season Tires

Like the name suggests, all-season tires are versatile products designed for optimum performance all year round. If you live in an area with defined hot and cold seasons then you might want to consider purchasing all-season tires. These tires are made to give you the best traction in warm or cool climates. See some of the all-season Michelin tires we have available.

  • Defender

    When you’re looking for a dependable all-season tire it’s hard to do better than the Michelin Defender. The Defender Standard Touring All-Season tire is perfect for crossover vehicles, family cars, minivans, and more.

  • Pilot Sport A/S 3

    Need an all-season tire with peerless performance? Look no further than the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3. The Pilot A/S 3 is ideal for offering excellent grip in wet conditions while also providing great handling on dry roads for sedans, sports cars, and coupes.

  • Energy LX4

    The Michelin Energy LX4 is the perfect combination of year-round traction, optimum comfort, and improved fuel efficiency. Outfit your minivan or sedan with a set of Energy LX4s today.

Summer Tires

During the summer, the roads can be warm and slick. In times like this, you need a tire with a soft grip to give you control. Summer tires provide your car with the performance it needs to beat the heat. Do you live in a place where it’s hot and wet, like it is here in Florida? Then you should seriously consider investing in summer tires. Look at some of the warm weather tires we have available from Michelin.

  • Pilot Sport 3

    The Michelin Pilot Sport 3 was specifically developed for high-performance sedans, coupes, and sports cars. Experience the best in sport performance and eco-friendly design.

  • Energy Saver

    Michelin’s Energy Saver tire is renowned for its unique combination of fuel efficiency and all-weather performance. See how the Energy Saver can help you save on gas while improving safety.

  • Pilot Primacy

    The Pilot Primacy was developed puts together dependable tread life with smooth comfort. Its improved traction in wet weather and resistance to hydroplaning ensure safer ride.

Sport & Competition Tires

If you’re serious about your driving, then you want tires to match. Sport and competition tires are designed to give you the best performance possible when you’re on the track. These tires boast unique rubber compounds and tread for optimal grip around corners. To get the most out of your sports car, look into the available offerings from Michelin.

  • Pilot Sport Cup 2

    The Pilot Sport Cup 2 was originally built for use with cars from Ferrari, Mercedes-AMG, and Porsche. This tire is designed for the best track performance in dry conditions.

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