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Also known as Nankang Rubber Tire, Nankang is one of the oldest manufacturing companies in Taiwan. The company was founded by a group of engineers in 1959 and has grown from being a domestic supplier of tires into a global producer. Nankang Tires makes products for a variety of industries, primarily automotive tires. Over half of the production volume is sold in North America and Europe.

Product Lines

Nankang offers a wide selection of tires for a variety of driving needs. Passenger cars and minivans will find touring tires that provide a quiet, smooth ride with reliable all-weather traction and low rolling resistance to improve fuel mileage. Light truck and SUV owners looking for all-purpose performance will find the reliable ride they want. Rugged tread patterns provide trusted off-road performance for SUV and light truck owners. Talk to the experts at Action Gator Tire to find out which Nankang tire is best for you.

Passenger Cars

Nankang’s passenger vehicle tires are designed to provide improved traction in wet, dry, and light snow conditions. Modern tread design lowers rolling resistance, decreasing noise while improving mileage. Enjoy comfortable, long-lasting performance that is ideal for cars, crossovers, and minivans.

Light Trucks, SUVs, Crossovers, and Minivans

This range of tires offers everything from a balance of on and off-road performance to rugged off-road mud capabilities. The touring model uses advanced tread design to reduce noise and improve ride comfort. More intense tires feature military-inspired design and toughness for true off-road performance in mud and sand.

All-Season Tires

With all-season tires from Nankang, you can enjoy balanced traction in all kinds of weather including wet, dry, and light snow. All-season tires are designed to have a quiet, comfortable ride, long-lasting tread, and lower rolling resistance. The sturdy design balances treadwear while increasing the life of the tire’s performance. All-season tires offer reliable, balanced traction in wet or dry conditions.

  • CX668

    The CX668 is ideal for passenger cars and was designed with ride comfort in mind. The all-weather tread design allows drivers to maintain control in wet and dry conditions while balanced treadwear reduces road noise and increases overall tire life.

  • SP-9

    SUV, crossover, and minivan owners will enjoy the balanced performance of the SP-9. A modern tread design reduces noise, improves comfort, and extends tire life. The SP-9 features a symmetrical tread pattern that allows for improved wear resistance and traction in all seasons.

  • AS-1

    The AS-1 is an all-season tire featuring performance-enhancing design. Shoulder blocking helps improve performance in turns while advanced tread grooving resists hydroplaning. This results in dependable traction in both wet and dry conditions. The AS-1 Provides a comfortable ride on the highway with reduced road noise by giving you the perfect balance of touring and performance.

Off-Road Tires

Nankang off-road tires are designed with the most demanding conditions in mind. Large tread patterns grip well in mud and snow, while self-cleaning to ensure traction is maintained. Strong sidewalls take a beating from trails, while modern rubber reduces road noise.

  • N870

    Designed to meet the toughest of conditions, the N870 is ideal for large SUV and off-road enthusiasts. Large block treads grip in the most extreme situations, while reinforced sidewalls resist puncturing. Wider tread footprint, with aggressive tread design, helps improve off-road handling.

  • N889

    An aggressive tread designed to self-clean away mud and water, improving handling performance no matter the condition. A tough mud tire features hard block treads offering excellent soft surface traction. White block lettering gives these tires a classic off-roading look.

High-Performance Tires

Advanced designs to improve cornering and handling in high-performance vehicles. Some offer optimal all-weather performance, while others excel in summer conditions. These tires are designed to reduce road noise and roll resistance, improving overall vehicle performance.

  • NS-1

    A unique three-in-one design works to reduce road noise while providing trusted traction in wet and dry conditions. The NS-1 is a high-performance rated tire that also features some touring characteristics. Enhanced groove patterns improve handling in corners.

  • NS-20

    The NS-20 features design elements like a continuous, solid center rib to improve high-performance stability and handling. Advanced,  directional tread patterns help clear water away while providing excellent traction in wet conditions.

  • NS-2R

    Unique to the market, these tires use race-inspired technology to provide the best performance-enthusiast capabilities on and off the track. Advanced tread design elements and compounds provide incredible cornering grip and stability. The tread design wears evenly, which extending the life of the tire. The NS-2R is also available in track-only compounds.

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