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Touring Tires: Sales & Mounting in Central Florida

Touring tires are designed to provide drivers with the same comfortable, quiet ride that all-season tires do, but with more of a focus on handling and performance. They are considered a step up from regular all-season tires.

Touring tires offer reliable all-season performance and responsive handling in both wet and dry road conditions. Their long-lasting tread patterns and good fuel economy make them a great option for daily commuters who aren’t as concerned about their MPH as much as they are their MPG.

If you spend the majority of your time driving on the highway, then touring tires are the perfect tire option for you. By investing in a quality set of touring tires for your daily driver, you’re choosing the perfect blend of tire life and performance.

What’s the difference between touring tires and all-season tires?

Touring tires have a higher speed rating than standard all-season tires. They also usually have a wider tread and are manufactured to offer the same comfortable ride as all-season tires, but with an increased focus on performance, handling, and overall tread life.

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