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Oil, Lube, & Filter Change Services

Changing your oil and oil filter regularly is a key part of keeping your car running right. Most people know that you should get an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles—or as directed by your car’s owner’s manual. But, many people don’t know exactly why regular lube services are so important. Not only does proper oil circulation help keep your engine from overheating, the oil also lubricates the metal parts in your engine while carrying away tiny metal shavings created as these parts rub together. Over time, oil will break down and fill up with these gritty metal shavings, keeping it from circulating and doing its job effectively.

Action Gator Tire offers fast, precise, and affordable oil changes, with 24 locations throughout central Florida. Our expert mechanics will replace your old, dirty oil with fresh, clean new oil and swap your old oil filter for a new one to help keep your engine running smoothly and protect its longevity. We’ll also advise you as to when you should flush and replace your car’s other lubricants and fluids, including your brake fluid, transmission fluid, differential fluid, and others. Read below to learn more about our oil, lube, and filter change services.

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