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Why choose Action Gator?

At Action Gator Tire, we live and breathe tires all day, every day. We also take pride in bringing our customers the best products and unmatched service. Trust us for:

Free Alignment Check
Outstanding Value
Free Rotations
Trusted, Expert Advice

We’re your local, family-owned and operated tire shop—the perfect alternative to those big, impersonal national chains.

Your Trusted Local Tire Shop & Service Centers

Action Gator Tire has been serving the tire sales, installation, and service needs of Central and South Florida since 1964. That gives us more than 50 years of experience, unmatched knowledge of tires, and our area’s most broad and premium selection for your best value. Don’t settle for less, and don’t guess when choosing your next set of tires. We’re here to help you find the best tires for your vehicle, your budget, and your needs.

Premium Tires from Proven Names

Action Gator Tire is proud to offer a broad, diverse selection of tires from all of the biggest names in the tire business. Our inventory includes all types of tires from these trusted brands and many others:


No More Guesswork in Choosing Your Tires

If the thought of picking out new tires for your car makes you anxious and unsure, you’re not alone. Even with more than 50 years of experience in the tire industry, we still have to work hard to keep up with all the new tire technologies and product lines. At Action Gator, our teams of tire experts have the knowledge needed to take all the guesswork and confusion out of choosing the perfect set for your vehicle. From cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs to commercial vehicles, farm vehicles, and beyond, we have the right rubber for all your roads.

Many people don’t give their tires enough thought or credit. In fact, they’re the single most important part on your car for safety, performance, and comfort. Choosing the wrong set of tires for your vehicle or your driving conditions could hamper your experience or even put you, your family, and those around you on the road in unnecessary danger. Don’t take the risk! All you have to do is use our tire finder above, call or stop by your nearest Action Gator Tire Location, or contact us online. We’ll do the rest!

Think All Tires Are the Same? They're Not!

It’s true that most tires look about the same, but that’s where the similarities end. In reality, every tire brand and model is unique. The materials are different, the tread patterns have specific functions, and they’re all intended for different conditions, types of vehicles, and uses. Putting the wrong set of tires on your car could give it a harsh, noisy ride. You could hydroplane more easily in our heavy afternoon Florida rainshowers. You might not get the fuel efficiency or high-performance grip you really want. Don’t leave it to chance!

What you need is a proven tire expert to be your trusted partner, and that’s where Action Gator comes in. We have decades of experience with tires, and we’re dedicated to keeping up with all the new products on the market. We really know cars, and we really know tires. Whether you want a quiet, fuel-efficient ride for your daily commute, a sticky set of sport tires for the track, or the perfect off-road tires for your next adventure, we have you covered at all 4 corners. When it comes to tires, don’t settle for less! Rely on the Action Gator team for the most quality and value in tires.

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