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Scheduled Maintenance Services

Modern cars are complex machines with dozens of mechanical and electrical systems that need to be working right to run and drive safely and efficiently. These systems need to be inspected and checked regularly to ensure they’re functioning properly and not causing bigger problems down the road. Neglecting your car’s routine maintenance needs is possibly the most common cause of minor and major problems that could be avoided with proper care. The best way to reduce your car’s needs for expensive major repairs is to schedule regular preventative maintenance visits at your trusted local Action Gator Tire location.

At Action Gator, we proudly offer preventative maintenance and inspection services for all types of private and commercial vehicles. Whether it’s seasonal checkups and repairs, routine filter replacements, oil changes, tire rotations, fluid checks, or any other regular service, we have the friendly ASE-certified mechanics for the job. We’re here to build a relationship with you and your vehicle, scheduling regular inspections for the very best in preventative maintenance. With us, your car will run better, and longer while costing you less money in repairs.

Scheduled Preventative Maintenance: How it Works

Scheduled Preventative Maintenance: How it Works
Whether you’ve been coming to Action Gator for years or it’s your first time at our shop, we make it easy to take advantage of our expert preventative maintenance programs. We’ll look at your vehicle, get a feel for it, and evaluate its age and milage. Then, we’ll take the time to go over your car’s unique needs and recommend a customized routine maintenance program to ensure the best, most cost-effective results possible. We’ll be happy to schedule your maintenance checkups far in advance to suit your busy schedule, and we’ll even send you reminders when your appointment is coming up. With us, it couldn’t be easier to keep your car in top shape.

The Benefits of Regular Preventative Maintenance

As you drive your vehicle and the miles pile up, all kinds of parts and components will begin to wear down, work less effectively, or even stop working altogether. Plus, here in Florida, our intense summer heat, frequent heavy rainstorms, and salty air make it a demanding environment for any car or truck. You need a reliable vehicle you can depend on to take you everywhere you need to go safely and efficiently so you can maintain your busy schedule.

With Action Gator Tire handling your vehicle’s routine maintenance needs, you’ll enjoy all these excellent benefits:

  • Better performance
  • Greater fuel economy
  • Improved safety
  • Lower emissions
  • Fewer major breakdowns
  • Longer tire life
  • Maximum reliability
  • Peace of mind

What We Do for Scheduled Maintenance Visits

What We Do for Scheduled Maintenance Visits

When you bring your car to us for your routine maintenance visit, we’ll carefully inspect and test every major and minor mechanical and electrical system. This includes your steering and suspension components, fluid and air filters, belts and hoses, brakes and axles, fluid levels, headlights and indicator lights, battery and alternator, windshield washers and wiper blades, exhaust components, tires, and so much more. We truly leave no stone unturned, and we never cut corners, so you can trust our expert mechanics to be thorough and give your car the attention it deserves. Plus, by keeping an eye on how your car’s components are working as they wear, we can often catch large, costly problems before they happen. With regularly scheduled preventative maintenance checks from Action Gator, you’ll save money and enjoy maximum reliability and longevity from your vehicle.

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