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Kumho Tires

Originally known as Samyang Tire, this South Korean company was founded in 1960. It has grown from a small company producing 20 tires a day into the ninth largest tire producer in the world. Kumho tires are used by many automakers for their OEM tires thanks to their combination of value and quality. Kumho tires are award-winning products and fit vehicles ranging from passenger cars to commercial trucks and sports cars;.

Available Products

As the leading South Korean tire manufacturer, and the ninth largest global tire producer, there are a variety of Kumho tires for every buyer. Touring and OEM tires provide owners with long-lasting, fuel-efficient tires that meet manufacturer OEM specifications. High-performance tires are ideal for sports cars and SUVs. Commercial fleet managers will also find Kumho tires that are ideal for their fleet. The tire experts at Action Gator Tire can find the right Kumho tire for you.

Cars and Sedans

A comfortable ride, long-lasting tire life, and gas mileage are important things for car owners. Touring tires provide the quiet ride and improved gas mileage that most drivers require. OEM branded tires meet the original specifications of the manufacturer. For performance cars, check out high-performance or ultra high-performance tires.

Light Trucks, SUVs, and Crossovers

Many auto manufacturers are now using Kumho tires on their SUV, crossover, and minivan models. All-season tires are designed to have long-lasting treads, which grip well in the rain and light snow. Eco features help improve fuel mileage. All terrain and mud tires feature aggressive tread to grab hold of loose surfaces, giving excellent dirt and snow traction.

All-Season Tires

There are a wide variety of products available for customers from Kumho tires. Passenger vehicles can enjoy all-season tires that have tread in economy, comfort, and long-lasting styles. Let the experts at Action Gator Tire help pick the right tire for your needs.

  • Solus Series

    The KH25, which are the choice of many manufacturers for use on new cars. Solus KR21 and TA11 tires offer additional attention to comfort and ride, bringing touring class performance to your car. Eco Solus K21 tires have low rolling resistance. This helps to improve mileage in light trucks, SUVs, crossovers, and minivans.

  • Crugen Series

    Designed as a value tire for owners of SUVs, crossovers, minivans, and light trucks, Crugen HT51 and Premium KL33 tires provide optimal all-season traction. These tires are ideal for drivers looking for long tread life and a comfortable ride.

Off-Road Tires

Light trucks, SUVs, and crossovers sometimes venture off the beaten path. Strong tread design helps provide traction on loose surfaces like mud and snow.

  • Road Venture

    Both the Road Venture AT and AT51 are focused on general off-roading. These tires have improved snow and mud traction while providing competitive road driving dynamics. For the true off-road enthusiasts, MT and MT51 tires offer pure mud traction above all else.

High-Performance Tires

Inspired by Kumho’s competition racing tires, these street-legal tires perform best in warm, dry weather. They provide the best grip at high speeds but don’t perform as well in the rain or colder weather. You can find high-performance options for cars, light trucks, SUVs, and crossovers.

  • Solus TA

    Solus TA31 and TA71 tires are more touring balanced compared with other high-performance tires. Ride comfort is as good as touring all seasons, but all-weather traction is not.

  • Ecsta Series

    Performance tires rated high and ultra-high make up the Ecsta tire line. These tires still offer good wet and dry performance, but no winter or cold weather traction. Ecsta V720 and XS tires are designed for warm, dry traction only.

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