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Nitto Tires

Nitto Tires

Founded in 1949, Nitto Tires is “Fueled by Enthusiasts” of every kind, from hardcore off-roaders and weekend warriors to street and strip enthusiasts. Most auto tires balance tire life and ride comfort. Nitto Tires tip the balance toward performance. The capability your ride is limited where rubber means the road, whether it’s asphalt, concrete, dirt, or mud. Nitto Tires eliminate the limitation.

Available Products

Nitto Tires are designed to provide drivers with optimal performance across a wide variety of vehicles. Whether you’re looking for new tires for a touring passenger vehicle, need to outfit your sports car with something that can really grip the asphalt, or want a tough tire ready to go off-road, Nitto has the right tire for you. Talk to the friendly experts at Action Gator Tire to learn more about the right Nitto Tire for your vehicle.

Passenger Vehicles

Nitto Passenger Tire lines cover passenger vehicles and some light trucks, and are available in many common sizes, fitting rims from 15 to 24 inches. Performance, High-Performance, and Ultra-High-Performance auto tires are each specially-designed to accentuate your ride’s best qualities.

Light Trucks and SUVs

Nitto Grappler Series SUV and light truck tires are designed for Light Trucks and SUVs, fitting rims from 16 to 24 inches, also larger overall diameters, for clearance on lifted trucks and SUVs. Grappler auto tires are built for all sorts of rough terrain.

Performance Cars

Nitto Competition-Series Tires are available for sports cars and sports trucks. Available in popular sizes, fitting rims from 14 to 20 inches, Nitto competition tires are formulated to maximize traction and directional stability, for weekend warriors and track days.

All-Season Tires

All-season tires are built for drivers that need a tire that’s ready to perform in all kinds of conditions. These tires are made to handle well in rain, sleet, snow, and heat. Enjoy a durable, quiet ride with all-season tires from Nitto.

  • NT420S

    Featuring a long central groove and diagonal siping, this tire delivers constant-contact dry traction and water evacuation for trucks and SUVs. Asymmetrical non-directional tread allows for tire rotation, extending wear.

  • NT421Q

    Built for high-performance crossovers, crossovers, and SUVs, multiple-tread patterns provide all-year driving confidence and ride comfort.

  • NT450

    These ultra-high performance directional tires deliver exceptional traction and stability, with aggressive water-evacuating diagonal grooves.

  • NeoGen

    The NeoGen has specially-designed center blocking for continuous contact with the road, while large side blocks improve cornering. Silica-based rubber compound improves tread life.

  • Motivo

    This touring tire features several highway ribs for long-distance comfort and directional stability. Shoulder tread blocking improves corning stability.

Summer Tires

If you live in a particularly warm, tropical climate you might need specialized tires to get the best ride out of your vehicle. When you’re dealing with hot, slippery roads, you’re going to want summer tires. Talk to the pros at Action Gator Tire to learn more about the summer tires available from Nitto.

  • NT05

    This soft-compound three-rib design delivers outstanding straight-line stability and predictable cornering. Pairs with rear NT05R Drag Radials for track days.

  • NT555

    The advanced tread compound and stability of this tire delivers excellent dry traction and cornering, with more highway miles. Weekend warriors pair these with rear NT555R Drag Radials.

  • NT555 G2

    The high-stiffness of the G2’s silica compound delivers exceptional traction and more highway miles. A great option for staggered tire sizes on modern performance cars.

  • Invo

    Exceptional ride quality and low road noise befit luxury installation while delivering outstanding traction and stability.

Off-Road Tires

Are you looking to see what your vehicle can do in the great outdoors? Go off the beaten path by outfitting your wheels with a set of off-road tires from Nitto. Get more details on finding the perfect Nitto Tires for your off-roading machine when you talk to the pros at Action Gator Tire.

  • EXO Grappler AWT

    With natural- and synthetic-rubber compounds, this soft, all-weather tire is best-suited for off-road use, trails, gravel, or farmland, though it’ll wear quickly on heated highways.

  • Dura Grappler

    For long highway miles, four or five quiet-and-comfortable highway ribs and long-wearing rubber compound deliver all the miles you need.

  • Terra Grappler

    Engineered for all-season and all-weather performance, this tire balances on-road comfort and off-road traction. Best on hard-pack trails and dirt roads.

  • Terra Grappler G2

    With improved rubber compounds, this high-mileage version of the Terra resists treadwear without sacrificing traction and ride comfort.

  • Dune Grappler

    Special tread blocking improves flotation, inspiring confidence on the dunes and a quiet ride home.

  • Ridge Grappler

    Combining on- and off-road characteristics, this hybrid tire is great for gravel and hard-pack trails, and it won’t deafen riders heading home.

  • Trail Grappler

    Nitto engineers specifically designed this tire to reduce road noise and vibrations, for a comfortable on-road experience and exceptional off-road traction in all but the worst mud terrain.

  • Mud Grappler

    These aggressive tires are designed to deliver traction in the most demanding terrain. Sidewall lugs, self-cleaning treads, and puncture resistance round out this off-road performer.

Competition Tires

For the driver that wants to take their vehicle to the max there’s no beating the competition tires from Nitto Tire. These products are built to give you the grip and handling you need to dominate the track. Get more details on these high-quality performance tires below.

  • NT01

    For dry road course conditions, this tire was built to take advantage of the heat, without the side effects. Enthusiasts can even shave these down to 3/32” dry race slicks.

  • NT05R

    Best paired with front-mounted NT05s, these tires feature a new high-sticky drag racing compound, for high traction in rear-wheel drive performance applications.

  • NT555R

    Best paired with front-mounted NT555s, these street-and-strip drag radials were developed to fit modern performance cars, balancing exceptional dry traction with occasional street use.

Action Gator Tire has Nitto Tires for sale for almost every vehicle on the road. Whether you’re looking to take advantage of every drop of performance your car or truck has to offer, or you’re building a strip or off-road machine, Action Gator Tire has the Nitto Tire for your vehicle and your drive. Call or stop in to talk about what Nitto Tires Action Gator Tire can do to meet your traction and performance needs.

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