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VW Tires

For VW tires, trust your local Action Gator Tire location. With 24 locations from Kissimmee to St. Cloud, we’re your trusted family-owned choice for VW tires in central Florida. Since 1976, we’ve been helping our community beyond just offering an excellent tire selection.

No matter what model of Volkswagen you drive, we carry the tires you need. Whether you prefer a sedan like the Jetta, Golf, or Passat or you prefer the larger Tiguan, we have the tire sizes for any VW vehicles.

To view our wide selection of tires, simply enter your VW model and year along with the tire size you need. If you’re having trouble locating the size on your tires, our trusted experts are here to help.

If you’re scooting around Florida in a Jetta, you may appreciate the all season Kelly Tires EDGE A/S®. If the hatchback Golf is more your style, check out Toyo Tires PROXES®4PLUS. For the roomy Tiguan, look at the Firestone Firehawk AS.

Why Choose Action Gator?

Here are some of the top reasons that Action Gator is the best choice for VW tires:

  • Trusted expert advice
  • 55+ years of experience
  • Free tire rotations and alignment checks
  • Wide tire selection
  • Great value

Is it Time for New Tires?

How can you tell if it’s time for new tires? Our favorite tip is to place a penny head down into a tire tread. Seeing the top of Lincoln’s head means your tread is low and your tires are due to be replaced. Other signs it’s time for new tires include a tire that:

  • Has less than 1/16” of tread
  • Shows at least three tire wear indicators
  • Is cracked enough to see the fabric or cord
  • Has a split or bulge
  • Is too damaged to repair

Find VW Tires

When you’re ready to search our amazing selection of VW tires, just input your car’s model, year, and tire size. You’ll see the price of the tires alongside the total price including installation.

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