5 Ways to Know When to Repair and When to Sell

5 Ways to Know When to Repair and When to Sell

5 Ways to Know When to Repair and When to SellEveryone has been in the position where it starts to cost more to repair their vehicle. It can be hard to admit when it’s too much. However, there’s a time when it’s best to move on from your car. Still, it’s tough to let go. It can be difficult to tell the difference between worthwhile repairs, and a money sink. We want to help you figure out when it’s worth it to invest in repairs, and when it’s time to get rid of your clunker. Here’s our guide to for figuring it out.

What is Your Car Worth?

We’re not talking about how much you bought it for. If you sold it today, how much would it go for? You should know the actual worth of your vehicle. It’s important info. Understanding your car’s value can keep you from needlessly investing money. Consult a service like Kelley’s Blue Book or talk to an auto expert from Action Gator to find out more.

How Often Does it Need Repairs?

This is one of the tell-tale signs that your car has given up the ghost. Is your car spending more time in the shop than it is on the road? Then it might be time to call it quits. It’s one thing to go in for standard repairs and upkeep. Things like replacing tires or fan belts are common occurrences. If you feel like you’re always getting repairs it might be a bigger problem. Repairing your car shouldn’t be a constant inconvenience.

How Much Do Your Repairs Cost?

How much, on average, would you say you’re spending on repairs? Your car doesn’t necessarily have to be in a wreck to be “totaled.” It’s just a question of if repairing it costs more than the car is worth. Do the math. Are repairs frequently draining your bank account? How much is keeping your car really worth? How much would it be to get a new car? Are you spending more than you’d make selling it? Depending on your answers, it might be time to part ways.

Is it Passing Inspection?

There are more important things than your car getting you where you need to go. It needs to get you there safely. Car inspections are more than a yearly chore. They ensure that you, and other motorists, stay safe on the highway. Are you having serious work done to pass inspection? No one is doing you favors if they “let something slide”. You could get an expensive ticket, or in a serious accident. Take your safety seriously. If it doesn’t pass inspection then you shouldn’t be driving it.

What About Future Repairs?

So you bit the bullet and got it fixed. How long is it going to stay that way? It’s worth it to ask your mechanic about any potential future problems. If there’s a chance you might need a new transmission, you might want to sell it while you can. You can only put a band-aid on your car for so long. Find out what you can look forward to down the road.

Do you think it might be time to move on from your car? Talk to the auto pros at Action Gator. They can let you know what your car is worth and if they think repairs are worth it. That way you can make an educated decision. You can also find out if there are expensive repairs hiding in the future. Call Action Gator today or schedule your service online. Don’t let your car turn into another money pit.